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Early in your career you are just Getting Started. It can be an exciting time but also one fully of emotion and questions – what do I want to do? What am I good at? Where will I fit in? How do I get started and learn the ropes? It’s normal to experience a certain level of anxiety when starting out. The great news is that many people have been there before you and are willing to share their experience. Getting Started can also be a time for re-assessment – a time for reflecting on who you are and what you want from work and career.

As you invest time in your job or career perhaps your path steers the course you expected; perhaps the unexpected happens? Either way you are Getting On and this means trying out different things, switching companies and roles and working out what you might need to adapt or work on to progress. This work or career phase is a difficult one to pin down in terms of time. Getting On could define most of your working life. Typically you begin to understand what motivates and demotivates; what defines the person you are. If you are lucky you find the thing that really ignites your passion.

It is during this phase of Getting On that you might choose or be chosen to take up a position that involves Managing Others. Managing Others moves you from being an individual contributor, managing self, to taking some responsibility for the contribution and performance of others. It could be managing a single individual, a small team or multiple teams, a virtual team, collaboration unit or people who work in the same vicinity as you. And while it’s debatable in our view the stage at which you are Leading versus Managing Others, both require skillsets and behaviour that need constant work and attention.

Sometimes When Things Don’t Go to Plan at work, you must deal with unexpected and unwanted experiences. Maybe your department is being restructured. Perhaps you are at risk of losing your job, dealing with a boss you are struggling to get on with or feeling like you just don’t fit in? Dealing with difficult situations is a great opportunity for reflection and learning. Of course in the moment it can feel like hell.

During your life it is also inevitable that you will find yourselves facing planned and unexpected Life Transitions. Starting a family is a significant life transition, but so is dealing with work related stress. Choosing to leave your corporate career to launch an entrepreneurial start up is a big life transition, as is stepping away to look after an elderly parent or determining to travel the world and enjoy a career break.

Notebook Mentor is here to help you throughout your work and career journey. From Getting Started, to Getting On, Managing Others, Leading, Life Transitions, When Things Don’t Go To Plan to Life Transitions – our notebooks and additional online resources can help you manage these challenging, meaningful experiences.

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