We care about our planet and the life that inhabits it.

Notebook Mentor:

  • Is committed to creating and selling environmentally friendly and sustainable products.
  • Demands the highest standards of environmental sustainability and responsibility from its partners and suppliers
  • Embraces design excellence in the creation and supply of its marketed products
  • Works to help our customers be their best. Our goal is to help businesses and people manage, develop, and be happier at work

We source high quality materials for our Notebooks, which are made from environmentally friendly materials and are produced with care for the environment. Each of our Notebooks carries the FSC logo and a traceable FSC number, which means the materials used in our products can be tracked back to sustainable forests.

Where we struggle to provide quality materials that are also sustainable (such as shrink-wrap) we aim to offset our impact in other financial and non-financial ways.
You can check out the credentials of our Belgium print partner ‘Graphius’ and learn more about sustainable forestry management using the following links:


Each Notebook Mentor is written and designed with the intention of helping others be their best. We hope to improve our reader’s self-awareness and reflection capability and have them apply inquiry, restraint, perspective and judgement to important workplace and career experiences. In doing so we hope to create healthier and happier places of work. We set price points for our products that we hope makes learning and development economically accessible to the widest reader audience possible.

This Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability policy was last update October 2021.

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