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“Everyone expects me to just get on with the job, but I could really do with some help planning and managing the first few months.” Naomi R, London

The 1st 90 days in my new job

Securing a new job is both an exciting and daunting time.  Will your new job reflect what was written in the role description? Will you like your new line manager and work colleagues? Will the demands of your job excite and fulfil you? Will there be room for development and training? Will the culture and environment fuel your motivation? Will you find your feet quickly and feel ready and prepared to deliver what’s required?

Don’t leave the first few months to chance. With the help of The 1st 90 days in my new job, you can get prepared, land with impact and build up a wealth of insight and knowledge, helping you progress quickly and positively.

Create a new job checklist, getting everyday practicalities out of the way. Read expert advice on common pitfalls to be avoided. Understand how to build and leverage important relationships. Learn how to prioritise your most important work, showing others that you can hit targets and add value.

Don’t just make a good impression. Through career journaling, learn how to make a lasting impact.

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The 1st 90 days in my new job

New for 2021:
Building strong relationships at work

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