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“There are some things about managing that I’m really looking forward to. There are also some things that I’m completely dreading!” Jon I, Dublin

Becoming a 1st-time manager

Managing people isn’t for everyone but it’s often a natural progression when you work somewhere for any length of time or you start to take on more responsibility. Perhaps you’re a natural at managing people, projects, finances and development! Perhaps, like many individuals we talk to, you are apprehensive, even daunted, by the very idea.

If you’re just about to take on your first managerial role, or if you are wanting to assess your managerial capability, then Becoming a 1st-time manager could be right for you.  Learn about key management responsibilities and duties. Take on practical challenges to improve your management knowledge, skill and know-how. Build a personal development plan that will benefit not just you, but also your team.

Our current titles include:
Becoming a 1st-time manager

New for 2021:
Excelling at performance conversations

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