A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you

– Bob Proctor

We match mentors to mentees to create special relationships where people can reflect, question, practice, and gain perspective in a safe, supportive environment. Our mentoring is practical, thoughtful help and guidance, to help individuals reach their desired potential.


Our mentoring practice is focused on supporting people transitioning into, or out of, large divisional or C-suite roles.

Our mentors are all accomplished leaders from the world of business, called upon when we need to find the right expertise and experience to match an assignment. Most mentors are or have been chairs, non-executive directors, CEO’s or executive committee leaders.

As every leadership mentoring engagement is different, we work with the sponsoring organisation, line manager, and mentee, to provide a development engagement that is unique and flexible. Helping executives develop their emotional intelligence is key to them becoming the best possible version of themselves, not just in work but in life. We also build towards independence and personal ownership of development.

Notebook Mentor is delighted to work with, and use the tools provided by CharacterScope®. CharacterScope is a digital leadership assessment and development solution based on 360-degree feedback. Personalised and flexible this system helps people build their leadership identity.

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