Introducing Notebook Mentor

Resource Topic Introducing Notebook Mentor Welcome to ‘Introducing Notebook Mentor’. If you’re reading this because you’re curious about the concept of Notebook Mentor, then that’s brilliant. I hope I can answer your questions and shine some light on how we might...

Return To Work Planning Form

Resource Topic Return to Work Planning Form If you are returning to work after starting a family, serious illness, a career break or another reason – take the time to consider what might need to change. Can you work the same hours you worked previously? Do you need...

Bullying and Harassment at Work

Resource Topic Bullying and Harassment at Work There is no place for bullying and harassment in the modern workplace. Sadly, it still exists and causes untold misery for many millions of people everyday. Sustained and wilful bullying is actually easy to identify –...

Four Quadrant Diary Planner

Resource Topic Four-Quadrant Diary Planner Are you new in role or do you need to take stock of where you are spending your time at work? Is your time productive time, or do you feel you achieve very little? What (or who) is consuming your diary space? Are you spending...

Job Descriptions or Role Profiles

Resource Topic Job Descriptions or Job/Role Profiles Some jobs or roles come with a lengthy description of what is expected. Others may offer something brief, and some may simply come with just a title.  There’s nothing old fashioned about a job or role description –...

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