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Elisa Nardi

Elisa Nardi

Founder & Lead Writer

Aged 15 Elisa wanted to be a writer and journalist. Back then women were encouraged into more traditional careers and the moment passed.

Elisa didn’t pay attention to the subtle knockback and instead pursued a three-decade career in Human Resource Management. She made it to the top of her profession, working for fifteen years as an executive Chief People Officer. Throughout her time as a subject matter expert in all things ‘people’ she never lost her passion for storytelling or for using the written and spoken word to inspire others and engage them in personal development and learning. She has supported thousands of people through complex work, career and life situations and wants to share what she has learned. Elisa has also personally experienced the highs and lows of work and life experience. In 2015 she broke both her wrists and was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Surgery and recovery only spurred her on to seize the moment and take the time to create the concept of Notebook Mentor – practical help and guidance for meaningful experiences.

Simon Taylor

Simon Taylor

Business Development

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